Services and Fees

Counselling and Psychotherapy

When life feels difficult and we feel bad inside it is usually because events from our past are affecting our present situation, particularly in our relationships with other people. Counselling and psychotherapy can provide a safe, confidential environment in which to explore difficult areas of our experience. I won’t tell you what to do or make decisions for you but I will help you to figure out what you want out of life and what changes you may want to make.

  • £70 per hour

EMDR Therapy

Traumatic memories are different from ordinary memories, ordinary memories fade with time but traumatic memories don’t. Every time we are reminded of a traumatic event it feels as if it is happening right now. Things like a smell or a sound, a scene in a film, a raised voice can trigger a powerful and frightening response. Psychological trauma can arise from experiences as diverse as war related experiences, childhood sexual and/or physical abuse or neglect, natural disaster, assault, surgical trauma, road traffic accidents and workplace accidents.

  • £70 per hour

Attachment Focussed EMDR

The word Attachment is used to describe the type of bonds we form with our earliest caregivers. Experiences of abuse, fear and neglect in childhood can mean that our bonds are shaky leaving us feeling inadequate, insecure and frightened as adults. We can struggle to form healthy nourishing relationships often being either too ‘clingy’ or too independent, finding it hard to trust others or ourselves. EMDR is a powerful way to explore those experiences and help to put them in the past so we can be who we want to be in the present.

  • £70 per hour


Maybe life is Ok but not great, maybe work is a bit stuck or you feel that you’re not reaching your full potential. Coaching can help you decide where you want to be, set goals, look at options and decide on strategies for maximising potential.

  • £70 per hour

Clinical Supervision

A good supervisory relationship provides a safe, supportive and challenging space where you can discuss and reflect on your work with clients. I have experience of working with qualified therapists, counsellors in training and other health professionals both individually and in groups.

  • £60 per hour

 Counsellors in Training

  • £45 per hour